Next week: winter is back with sleet and snow

The temperatures will drop and sleet and snow will be back in the Netherlands next week, weather forecasters say.

The weather is very changeable these days. A lot of rain will fall from time to time and the wind will be strong, Weerplaza reports. However, it is still mild for the time of year, with temperatures around 10 Celsius during the day.

The KNMI weather bureau warns Sunday daytime code yellow for heavy wind gusts in the north and northwest.

But by Tuesday, the air will get colder and we may see some sleet and snowfall for a couple of days, Buienradar forecasts.

The KNMI weather bureau also forecasts sleet and snow from Monday evening and says night frosts are likely up to the end of the week. There may also be some sunny moments later in the week. Forecasting on the longer term, the KNMI saying there is a 40-50% chance of milder weather and a 50-60% of it turning much colder. It is, however, likely to be drier heading towards the end of the month.