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Now serving Lunch and Breakfast at Aangenaam

Aangenaam located in the Kleine Houtstraat has been serving honest, organic, and animal/environmentally friendly diners since 2006. While many of you may have been there for dinner already, did you know that they are now also open for breakfast and lunch?

The Restaurant Aangenaam in Haarlem is focused on organic, responsible, and above all tasty food. This past weekend, Haarlem Foodies was invited to to try Aangenaam’s new lunch menu. Since March 21st could you not only go for dinner but the restaurant is open every day for breakfast and lunch.

Do I want to try Restaurant Aangenaam? Yes, of course!

Restaurant Aangenaam’s goal is to make delicious dishes with products that are obtained in a responsible way so responsible choices for people, animals, and the environment. Restaurant Aangenaam is known for it’s fresh local products such as organic vegetables, fruit, and meat. Not only is the food organic but so is the wine, coffee, and tea.

The atmosphere in the restaurant is warm and relaxed. You feel immediately at home.

Restaurant Aangenaam

Our “Aangenaam” Lunch

We were presented with a tasting of some of the items on the new menu and we were impressed. This is not your typical Dutch lunch of plain bread and cheese. We started off with a selection of Bionade drinks. I tied the elderberry version which I have not seen before and though that it was pretty tasty.

The first food item that I tried was the sandwich with cheddar (yum! not a cheese you see in NL very often) with red onion chutney, walnuts, and arugula. The red onion chutney is what really made this sandwich, and I think all three of us at the table agreed on that point. Next we were presented with two different kinds of croquettes. The first was, in my opinion, just a normal meat croquette, nothing too special there but the second was a vegetable croquette which had pieces of various vegetables throughout, this was a nice variation on the normal croquette.

Restaurant Aangenaam

Next came the soup, normally, I’m not much of a soup person but their roasted red pepper and tomato soup was delicious! I would order this for sure in the future.

Restaurant Aangenaam

Finally we had the salad with fenugreek cheese, pecans, spinach, sun-dried tomatoes, and a ginger vinaigrette. These ingredients all went vary well together and made for a fresh and unique taste.

Restaurant Aangenaam

aangenaam desert

And to finish things up we just had to try the deserts. There was a vegan brownie, lemon and almond cake, and a carrot cake. We were all split on which one was the best but for me it was hands down the brownie. It had a nice and moist texture and was very chocolaty. It was interesting that they used avocado instead of butter or oil, you did not taste it though, just the really rich chocolate flavor. I would recommend trying this one even if you are not vegan.

While we did not try the breakfast, it was nice to see they they were offering it and for a fair price as well. We definitely recommend checking it out if your looking to have a light breakfast out.

Aangenaam is open every day for breakfast, lunch, and dinner and is located at Kleine Houtstraat 105.

We enjoyed our lunch from this fresh and original menu.

Are you looking for a restaurant in Haarlem where you can have an organic, responsible, and especially tasty breakfast, lunch, or diner? Then go check out Restaurant Aangenaam.

Restaurant Aangenaam

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