Number of expats in Haarlem above national average

Most expats live in the Randstad and around university towns. This results from a first exploration of the CBS (Centraal Bureau voor de Statistiek). LocalFocus put in a row the share of foreign-born workers with high wages compared to the total number of employees per municipality. The national percentage was in 2011 almost one percent. What’s the situation in Haarlem? 

In Haarlem 1.7 percent of the employees is an expat, which is the highest percentage in the region. Relatively the least in Haarlemmerliede & Spaarnwoude and Zandvoort. Haarlemmermeer follows Haarlem with 1.21 percent . Bloemendaal is in third place with 1.13 percent expats.

How many expats in Haarlem?

According to CBS The term expat or expatriate is well known but a common definition of this group of foreign workers is missing. In  not all the features of expats are available. The publication of CBS “Expat, when are you one”? (CBS 2015) uses a definition of the expat on the basis of the available features in the databases of the CBS. Therefore, a coarse definition is chosen to determine the amount of expats in a region: the number of foreign-born workers with high wages who do not have the Dutch nationality. The figures show also that expats are often single men with a British or German nationality. The business services sector is the main employer for expats, nearly one in three works in this sector.

What percentage of employees in the Netherlands is expat?

Volgens het CBS zijn niet alle kenmerken van expats uit de beschikbare gegevens af te bakenen. Daarom is er gekozen voor een grove afbakening van het aantal in buitenland geboren werknemers met een hoog loon die niet de Nederlands nationaliteit bezitten. Verder blijkt uit de cijfers dat expats vaak alleenstaande mannen zijn met de Britse of Duitse nationaliteit. De zakelijke dienstverlening is de belangrijkste werkgever voor expats, bijna één op drie werkt in deze sector.


(Source: CBS and Dichtbij)


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