Everyone has their own way of relaxing after a long day of work. Some go for a nice long run, while others prefer to drop down on the sofa and don’t move for the rest of the night. What works for me is to fool around in the kitchen with pots and pans, put a varied and healthy dinner on the table and then enjoy the great meal I have just created together with my husband and children, while I am sipping on a nice glass of wine and shimmering candlelight adds to the atmosphere.

Honestly? I made up the candlelight part. And certainly my meals aren’t always fantastically healthy and varied. Fact is: After a long day I really enjoy resetting my mind in the kitchen. Chopping onions, washing lettuce, brewing some soup: it makes me relax.

I’ll just go ahead and confess that I love it when in the background there is a cooking show playing on 24Kitchen. In the middle of frying the onions I quickly walk into the living room to see how a real chef does that without cutting his fingers or how he cán prepare that super dinner in 10 minutes. Candle lit and everything. There is something cosily motivating about working in the kitchen while watching some else doing the same. Shows with Rudolph’s Bakery are my favorite, not only mine but also the kids’. Rudolph is always happy, knows exactly how get a cookie nice and crispy out of the oven and easily creates a cake that almost looks too good to eat.

A big challenge during these combined cooking/watching sessions is trying not to miss the most important moments in the show. Very often I get inspired, but then have look up afterwards what show it was and when it aired. All this while dishes are waiting to be done.

That’s why I’m thrilled about the new app Play van KPN. This enables me to watch Rudolph, Antony Bourdain, Giovanni Caminita and all those other great chefs on 24Kitchen on my phone or tablet while I’m stirring in my own pans. And even pause the show when my immediate attention is needed to mix something into the soup. Or just record everything in case the onions, as well as the lettuce and soup are about end up in a big failure.

And when dishes are done and the children – their stomachs full of delicious food – are cleanly showered in their beds, Play continues to prove its use: in the app it is as easy to watch a missed news show as it is to look up the last episode of Game of Thrones, True Detective or De Wereld Draait Door. With Google Chromecast you can even show it on TV. If you ask me, all that is great for digestion.

This article was written in cooperation with Play van KPN.

Play van KPN is the new way of watching TV. The subscription gives you 24 live channels and the ability to watch past shows up till 5 days and to record up to 200 hours. Also Play comes with a huge On Demand library, in which most of the content comes from HBO. Think all seasons of Game of Thrones, Girls and movies like Pitch Perfect and Fast & the Furious. The subscription enables you to watch TV, whether you’re on the road or at home, using your phone, tablet or TV with Google Chromecast. Play van KPN works on any internet connection in The Netherlands, so you don’t have to be a KPN customer. Now the first month is completely free, then you pay (currently) 11.99 Euros per maand. Play can be cancelled every month.

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