Patxaran in Haarlem, the true flavor of Spain

Patxaran in Haarlem, the true flavor of Spain

Wouldn’t you like to feel like in Spain, in a real tapas bar in the Vasc country choosing pinchos from the bar and collecting your toothpicks? The answer: Patxaran!

Patxaran Pinchos

Patxaran Pinchos (Photo: Stéphanie Mazier)

Now you can feel like being in Spain when you get into the Patxaran bar in Haarlem. Located next to the St Bavo church, this is the new hot spot in the city!

I tried some different pinchos, original, looking beautiful, complex and delicious. All of them!


I also had a couple of tapas from the menu and tried the croquetas, the meat with bacon and the stuffed pimientos del piquillo.

But my best discovery ever, is their chuleton! It is the Spanish word for entrecote. The meat is just delicious, juicy, fatty, tasty,… perfectly cooked and served on a wooden board with some fabulous pimientos del padrón!

Chuleton at Patxaran

Chuleton at Patxaran (Photo: Stéphanie Mazier)

The most important and amazing for me is that the taste is exactly like in Spain. When I tried this pimiento del piquillo, I just had the feeling to be in back in my beloved country! This is priceless!

Chefs are coming directly from Spain, so no surprise!


High quality Spanish ingredients and lots of love for Spanish cuisine make these pinchos so delicious!

I recommend you to try as many pinchos as you can and skip desserts.

Restaurant details

Patxaran – Pintxos y Tapas
Spekstraat 8
2011 HM Haarlem
Tel: 023-8446459

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