The Vijfhoek Huiskamerfestival Haarlem

What has Pieter Derks, Van der Laan & amp; Woe, Erik van Muiswinkel, Hanneke Drenth and Jacqueline Govaert in common? They have all played at the Vijfhoek Huiskamerfestival, the coziest festival in Haarlem.

On Sunday 22 September, 12 living rooms in ‘de Jordaan van Haarlem’ will become the stage for Pentagon Huiskamerfestival. The festival offers a mix of cabaret, music, and theater in an intimate living room environment,

For €30 you can buy a ticket for the entire day. This will entitle you to three different shows that you choose when purchasing your ticket, a delicious vegetarian meal, performances on the square and a silent disco until the late hours.

The festival starts at 14,30 on the square in front of Café de Vijfhoek. From there you will be brought to the various shows under charming guidance. 

The Vijfhoek Huiskamerfestival Haarlem
 Ticket sales: Sunday 1 September from 12.00 in Café de Vijfhoek, Wolstraat 20 Haarlem.

When: Sunday, September 22, at 14:30 

Where: Café de Vijfhoek Wolstraat 20, 2011 ZA HAARLEM

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Fiona McGeever

Editor in Chief at expatsHaarlem
Fiona McGeever is originally from Mayo in the west of Ireland, she has spent the last few years living and working in the UK as a print and broadcast journalist. In September she moved to lovely Haarlem with her partner and now it is very much her home! Fiona is a huge foodie and in her spare time you are most likely to find her in one of Haarlem’s many restaurants or reading a book and enjoying a glass of red along the Spaarne.
Fiona McGeever
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