Permanent pitches in Haarlem

At a number of locations in Haarlem, permanent pitches have become available, for which you can apply for a permit from today, 14 January. You can read more about the locations and the stall policy below.

Permanent stand permit

Do you conduct street trading in public areas for more than 1 month a year, but not on the market? Then you need a permanent pitch permit. In Haarlem there are a fixed number of pitches on municipal ground. You can only apply for a permit on municipal ground if the municipality has released the location. An assessment will take place (competition).

Vacant pitches

As of January 14, 2022, you can apply for a permit for a pitch at the Julianapark, Emmaplein, Grote Houtstraat and Grote Markt. Your application must be submitted to the municipality by February 15, 2022. Read more under the heading Vacant Stands and the headings below.

For Christmas tree sales, promotion, marketing or idealistic stand you can apply for an occasional stand.

You can always apply for booths on private land (private property).


[Source: Gemeente Haarlem]

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