Five forms of childcare in the Netherlands – Part 3: Peuterspeelzaal (Playgroup)

Doesn’t your child go to a crèche or day care? But does he/she starts to get the age that interacting with other children may be important for him or her? Then it might be a good idea to bring your toddler to a “peuterspeelzaal”.


A peuterspeelzaal is meant for children from two to four years old. It is a place where toddlers learn to interact with peers and where they learn through playing. There are offered lot’s of activities such as: reading aloud to kids, doing crafts and making puzzles with them and playing outdoors.

The playgroup is designed to stimulate motoric development, social-emotional development, creativity and intellectuality. It makes the transition to primary school easier.

Amount of sessions

A toddler visits the peuterspeelzaal at least two sessions of a few hours per week. Visiting less is not possible. It is important that the child feels comfortable at the peuterspeelzaal and that he/she can attach to the other children and the teachers.

Many peuterspeelzalen work with early childhood education programs: programs that provide extra support to the (language) development. Peuterspeelzalen which are using these programs can often be visited more than two sessions a week.


The costs for a peuterspeelzaal vary per peuterspeelzaal and depend on your income. Roughly speaking, the costs are around fifty euro’s per month for two sessions per week.

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Sabine Bakker