BRING ON THE NOMMMMS! Why commit to one restaurant for lunch or dinner when you can just go to ProefPark Haarlem and get anything your stomach desires!

There will be at least 33 FOOD TRUCKS serving food from EVERY CONTINENT! Bring your family, friends, or just yourself to Kenau Park to enjoy some delicious food!

Hurry and satisfy your inner foodie, because ProefPark is only available from August 25 – 27 all day! Though entrance is free, be sure to bring CASH! Meals at food trucks range from € 2.50 and € 9.50.

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Meowzy Qrush

Meowzy was born and raised in Holland and adopted two American expats. Although she enjoys napping in clean clothes, eating Gourmet food, and basking in the sun, Meowzy lives for the curiosity and adventure of the world her expat pets call "H-ow-s". She spends her time in pursuit of the mysterious red dot, to which she intends to further research the secrets it holds. In the meantime, she hosts brunches with the local birds, but she finds her guests are usually too flighty for her taste.
Meowzy Qrush

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