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Prostate screening would save 300 lives a year

A two-yearly prostate cancer test for men would save 300 lives a year, according to European research led by Erasmus University in Rotterdam. The best results would be obtained with men aged aged 55-59. Every year, 2,400 men die from prostate cancer in the Netherlands. Screening would reduce this total by 13%, the research shows.

The prostate screening test involves looking for raised protein levels in blood. The Dutch urologists’ association said that this test would be an advance but would also lead to unnecessary worry and treatment. The association explained that a raised PSA level does not always mean someone has cancer or that they will die of the disease.

The Netherlands recently began regular testing for bowel cancer. Women also undergo tests for breast and cervical cancer.

‘Politicians now have a strong argument for widespread prostate cancer testing,’ Erasmus professor Harry de Koning told the Dutch newspaper Trouw.


(Source: Trouw, 23/01/2015)

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