Refuel gas before entering the Netherlands (Photo Novum)

Refuel gas before entering the Netherlands

That’s what Dutch people living close to the border do as well.

This results from a study with more than 4.300 respondents made by Research Agency I&O. A main conclusion is that almost half of the car riders in the border region refuels gas more often in Belgium or Germany since the excises are augmented. They cross at least once a month the border to refuel.

They also buy more and more alcoholic beverages in our neighbour countries. ¼ of the respondents buy once a month alcoholics across the border. Almost 3 in the 10 respondents say to do it more often since January 2014, when the excises for alcoholics augmented again as well.

Refuel gas before entering the Netherlands  (Picture: Fokke & Sukke)

(Source: Autoweek)

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  1. Danielle
    Danielle says:

    Good recommendation, it is true Belgium and Germany have different prices in some selling products like gas or other products.

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