Refugees Haarlem: how can you help?

Yesterday in the Pletterij a meeting was held to see how Haarlemmers can help the refugees and give them a warm welcome. This is how you can help.

Rode Kruis (Red Cross)

Welcome packs? Please! Fill it with things that you would give someone like himself. Think of pens, pencils, note books, games, chocolate, perfumes, soap and other sanitary products. A nice note, in English and a city map.

Differentiate women, men and children. There are more men than women are, and fewer children. Please, mark on the bag whether it is for a man, woman or child.

Instead, please do NOT give food. This may spoil and the COA has professional caterers.

You can drop off your bag at the Pletterij Long Herenvest 122, 2011 BX Haarlem.

Friday from 12 am to 1500 pm. Saturday from 14.00 to 17.00.

Oh yeah. It may be that there is more than is needed. What remains goes to other goals of the Red Cross or to the Food Bank.

Haarlem vluchtelingen

VluchtelingenWerk Nederland

Please, look at this website to know more about donating and volunteering.

Ik wil iets doen coor een vluchteling

On this website more initiatives

[Source: Haarlem Verwelkomt Vluchtelingen en VluchtelingenWerk Nederland, Ik wil iest doen voor een vluchteling]


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