Since Thursday, September 17th, the Koepel (the Dome) in Haarlem is used as temporarily accommodation for refugees.

The first 57 refugees have arrived on the 17th at midnight at the old Dome Prison in Haarlem. Dozens of Haarlemmers had gathered there to welcome the refugees who just arrived. Citizens had bought among other, sweets for the refugees.

Vluchtelingen Koepel

This week 350 more asylum seekers will be received.

The mayor of Haarlem, Schneiders, said that an old prison certainly is not the first choice because it is not the most ideal situation, but there is not another option at the moment and people can not sleep outside. The building is vacant since the summer. All the necessary facilities are available.

Koepel Haarlem

How long refugees will stay in the Dome, Schneider does not know yet.

Not all the refugees are happy with the accommodation. One of the refugees actually says that Syria was a prison and the refugees now have entered a prison again.

Luckily for him it is temporary relief, because in three weeks, everyone they refugees will be received in a special center.

In the meantime the name Dome Prison has been renamed Dome Hotel.


[Sources: RTV NHHaarlems Dagblad, Haarlem 105]




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