Remembrance Day without an audience in Haarlem live on NH Nieuws

Remembrance Day on 4 May in Haarlem will be this year be held in an adapted form due to the corona crisis, without any members of the public in attendance. The special commemoration ceremony can be seen live at 16:30 on TV news channel NH Nieuws.

Mayor Jos Wienen will give a speech and lay a wreath on behalf of the city council. A student of the Dreefschool recites a self-written poem. Poems by children of the Haarlem schools Stedelijk Gymnasium, Dreefschool and Het Schoter are placed near the monument ‘Man in front of the firing squad’.

Representatives of Dreefschool, Jewish community, Haarlem National Remembrance Committee, Haarlems National Festivities Committee, COC Kennemerland, Gay Haarlem & Bureau of discrimination cases Kennemerland and Liberation doll have laid wreaths at the monument at different times in the morning.

The Remembrance Day in Haarlem is created in collaboration with the Haarlem National Remembrance Committee and the municipality of Haarlem.

The memorial service and the silent journey from the Grote Kerk to the monument have been cancelled this year.

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