Replacement parking systems in Haarlem parking garages

In the 6 community parking garages, the parking systems are being replaced for the latest parking solutions. For this purpose, work is being carried out in the garages. The parking garages will remain open for the most part.

Spaarnelanden will start June 5 at Houtplein and is expected to complete at Dreef in December 2023. Work will begin on laying new cabling. Then new equipment will be installed: surveillance cameras, payment terminals, door readers and the entrance and exit gates. Finally, the old cabling and old equipment will be removed.


During this work, the parking garages will remain largely open, but a number of parking spaces will be temporarily closed for safety reasons. Visitors will then be directed to other available parking spaces within the parking garage. Only during the conversion of the entrances and exits will the parking garage have to close for several days for safety reasons. Visitors and season ticket holders will be informed in time and can then park in another garage.


Houtplein: 5 June to October 2023
Raaks: 26 June to end of October 2023
De Kamp: 28 August – beginning of November 2023
Cronjé: 18 September until end of November 2023
Appelaar: October 2 – beginning of December 2023
Dreef: 23 October – end of December 2023.

Subscription or reservation

With an online module it will soon be possible to reserve a parking space or take out a long-term subscription and manage it yourse.


You can follow the developments of the project on the Haarlem Bereikbaar website.