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Some 100,000 people have signed a petition calling on Dutch restaurants to place a carafe of tap water on the table without being asked.

Research by TNS Nipo shows 75% of restaurant-goers have been refused tap water, even though most people are prepared to pay towards the cost. The research also showed 90% of people regard providing tap water as a sign of being a good host.

All but one of the Netherlands’ Michelin-starred restaurants offers tap water as standard, the biggest drinking water company of the Netherlands, Vitens said.

Vitens started a petition: drinking water should always be available in restaurants, bars, cafés but also at festivals. With more than 100,000 signatures for free tap water in restaurants, Vitens makes a statement.

Drinking water companies will stimulate restaurants to always put a carafe of tap water on the table.

[Source: Trouw]



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  1. Jen Buffington
    Jen Buffington says:

    Can it be done by request vs. “without being asked”? Clean potable water is also a precious resource which shouldn’t be wasted. Difficult to acknowledge here below sea level, but having clean water does require processing, use of other resources. As a commentor noted in the Expats Facebook area, we as customers can drive a change for restaurants to honor the requests and if they do not, leave a negative review in iens.nl. I prefer that vs. becoming too litigious, making it a law or mandatory that restaurants put water on the table without being asked, which would lead to waste.

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