Review musical Pippin in Theater Carré Amsterdam

Review musical Pippin in Theater Carré Amsterdam

I haven’t seen that many musicals on stage even tough I am a big fan of movie musicals (from Mamma Mia to Cabaret), so when I found out that I won the expatsHaarlem contest to go and see Pippin at the Koninklijk Theater Carré in Amsterdam I was thrilled! 

I read in an article on the expatsHaarlem website what the show was about: the Tony Award winning hit musical with full American cast. Direct from Broadway to Amsterdam. I could win a ticket. And I won! I wrote my review of the show.

Review of the musical Pippin in Theater Carré Amsterdam

Despite all the transportation issues to access the theater (no train going to Amsterdam on this specific Sunday), we made it on time and I have to say I was a bit overwhelmed once in front of it…

CarréThe theater Carré is located in the very calm and luxurious neighbourhood of Amsterdam-centrum. We had the time to enjoy lunch before at a very hipster sandwich shop nearby, and to stroll on the side of the Amstel river.

Once you can stop admire the beautiful building that is the Theater Carré, you’ll be greated by a very warm doorman who puts you in the mood.

The theater is as impressive from the inside than the outside. Built in 1887, it reminded me with nostalgia of some of the emblematic Parisian theater I love so much!  But once the stage is in sight, it’s another surprise! Indeed this theater has been originally built to be a circus, you can clearly see the shape of the piste still. A little hint for the show to come, maybe the choice of theater was intentional…

We were very happy with our seats on the fourth row from where we could see every details on every actor’s face!


Knowing the synopsis (Charlemagne’s son Pippin is looking for his goal in life) but having never seen a performance of this musical, I was expecting something quite classical, maybe even close to an opera. I was very surprised when the whole cast appeared in the first song: looking all circussy with flashy colors, make up and flesh showing! But surprised for the good!

I have to say I loved loved loved the circus theme used in the decor, costumes and choreography  (juggling, scarf dances, knifes throwing…). Those added to the humour of the show really made it for us! It’s too bad the songs are not catchy enough that you can’t even hum one of them once the show is over but overall it was definitively a great musical that I would recommend to everyone (but kids there are quite a lot of explicit scenes).

I am really grateful that we had the chance to see this show and would recommend you all to give a chance to musicals, you’ll end up surprised!



Musical Pippin