Many of us live relatively close to Schiphol airport. Where the volume of polluting particles in the air could form a potential health risk for people living nearby, the public health institute RIVM writes in a new report.

The concentration of ultrafine particles around Schiphol caused by air travel, especially of airplanes taking off, could cause health risks for people living nearby, the public health institute RIVM says.

Last year, the TNO research institute concluded that Schiphol is a ‘considerable source’ of particle pollution. Because of this declaration transport minister Wilma Mansveld asked the RIVM to investigate the potential impact on health.

The RIVM says further research is necessary to establish if these ultrafine particles form indeed an extra health risk. The institutes says so far that the volume of these tiny particles at Schiphol are in line with other airports.

That Schiphol is a source of a disturbing amount of noise and source of a major contribution to CO2 emissions, was already known.

Environmental groups are using the RIVM and TNO reports to call to be alert on Schiphol’s expansion plans. ‘We used to think that vehicle traffic to and from the airport was more damaging to air quality than the planes themselves, but this is not the case,’ Ivo Stumpe of campaign group Milieudefensie told the Volkskrant. Environmental groups request more research.

[Source: de Volkskrant]





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