Schools start again in North Holland

The primary schools will start again on Monday 17 August. This means that many children go to school by bicycle and on foot.

Coinciding with the opening of primary schools after the summer break, the Veilig Verkeer Nederland (VVN) (National Institution for Road and Traffic Safety) is asking working people in the Netherlands to work as much as possible from home in the morning and to travel outside of the morning rush hours to avoid congestion on the roads.

The reason for the call is that annual statistics generally show a striking number of accidents  involving cycling pupils and vehicles occur shortly after the summer holidays. The VVN says that the cooperation of motorists is needed to protect school-going children. The Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management also underlines the call to work from home.

The call to work from home as much as possible in the morning runs for the entire duration of VVN’s campaign up to and including mid-September.

Children can then use this period to get used to their school route, which in many cases they will take independently for the first time or is sometimes completely new to them.


[Source: Haarlems Weekblad]

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