Second quarter 2014: house prices in your area (Photo: ANP)

Second quarter 2014: house prices in your area

The average house price rose in the months of April, May and June by 3.5 percent, according to the Dutch Association of Real Estate Agents NVM (Nederlandse Vereniging van Makelaars). But what is happening concerning house prices in your area?

The revival of the housing market looks to continue in the second quarter of this year. Compared with a year ago, house prices in the Netherlands rose by an average 3.5 per cent, while during the first three months of 2014 there was an increase of 1.2 percent.

This results from the figures published by the NVM (Dutch Association of Real Estate Agents) mid-July.

The NVM recorded in 16 of the 76 regions a house prices fall. That is considerably less than in the first three months of this year, when 32 regions showed declines.

House prices: differences by region

Price recovery has started in many areas, but there are big regional differences. This infographic gives more insight into house price developments by region according to the figures of the NVM.

The NVM warns despite the positive messages for too much optimism. The strong recovery occurs mainly in the big cities, not in rural areas.

For example, house prices in the north of North Holland and Northeast-Groningen declined respectively by 11.3 and 9.8 percent and in Southwest West-Friesland by 9.3 percent.

In Kennemerland, Haarlemmermeer, Amsterdam and Leiden but also in The Hague and Utrecht houses just became more expensive compared to a year earlier.

Some figures:

  • Midden Kennemerland: + 10,30%
  • Amsterdam: + 10,20%
  • Leiden: + 9,50%
  • Zuid Kennemerland: + 7,60%
  • The Hague: + 3,70%
  • Haarlemmermeer: + 3,50%
  • Utrecht: 2,30%
  • Noord Kennemerland: + 0,40%
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