Alpine Wealth Management

We oversee all your wealth management issues, giving you piece of mind, now and in the future

Alpine Wealth Management is a Haarlem and Bloemendaal based company that provides various financial services. We help our clients to oversee their investments, make financial goals for the future, assist with their real estate financing, set-up their estate planning, manage their investment portfolios’s and much more.

We give personal attention to you and your assets. We create peace of mind, insight and overview. But we also pave the way for growth and development. You will always have one single point of contact who will monitor all your advisors and executes and arranges all your financial matters. Since we have a wealth of experience with cross-border investments as well as expatriate tax and legal regulations, we can also deal with your investments and advisors abroad.

Alpine Wealth Management
Alpine Wealth Management

Experts with a proven track record

The wealth managers behind Alpine are Lars van Marrelo and Frederik Doodeheefver. Together we combine a wealth of experience in areas such as tax advice, investment and asset management. We complete one another and are well-attuned to each other and our clients.

This is what we do

This is, amongst other things, what we do:

Wealth Management

we deliver a solid wealth plan that includes your wishes and goals for the future. We can introduce you to various asset managers who can help execute the wealth plan.

Alpine Wealth Management

Estate Planning

Legacy might not something you are thinking about right now. It is however, important to make the proper arrangements. We will advise you about your will and a good succession planning.

Alpine Wealth Management

Real Estate Financing

Are you thinking of buying your own house in Haarlem or surroundings? We cooperate with renowned and financial institutions and can arrange the best mortgage offers for you.

Alpine Wealth Management

Portfolio Management

Your administration (whether it concerns your annual accounts or tax returns) can be time-consuming and complex. It distracts from what you are good at. We can help you with your entire administration.

Alpine Wealth Management

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Email address: info@alpinevermogensregie
Phone number: Lars: +31 6 52717382; Frederik: +31 6 51333847
Address: Vijverweg 33D, 2061GT Bloemendaal