Sharing Photos Of Children Online: Eight Ways You Can Do It

Before I start, let me ask you to  decide how much you’re comfortable showing. For example some bloggers have an absolute “no-pictures” policy where their children are concerned. Others decided that they’re fine with it as long as the children are fully dressed.

1) Watermark your pictures.

When I moved my blog from Blogger to WordPress, I realized I didn’t watermark my pictures. Now I have to change that- and from now on, if I post something online, it will be watermarked. Vanessa of De Su Mama has a great post on how to watermark the pictures.


2) Don’t show their faces.

You can take pictures from behind where their faces can’t be seen. Show their feet or hands during a craft project. That way you can still use the pictures you have but be sure that strangers won’t see everything. Show them indirectly: you can set the stage when you take the pictures and put a chair, or a huge toy, or put the hat on on their face- my girl loved it! This is another way you can hide their faces but you can even think about it before you take the picture.



3) Put in text so it diverts attention from the picture.

You can play around with various image editing programmes such as PicMonkey or Canva– they’re easy to use, fun and don’t require downloading any software. This will not only protect your photos a little more but also this way you can create great images for pinning.


4) Create a collage.

A collage is another way of diverting attention from your child’s picture. To make a collage, you can put several pictures together- your child’s picture won’t be the only one in there and the smaller size will make it more difficult to steal. Also, try making collages, they’re fun, too!


5) Play around with the editing options.

Whether you’re using a professional software such as Photoshop or Lightroom, or an open source one like the two I mentioned before, you can change the picture a little. For example, making the photo brighter or darker is justa  little step but it can change the appearance a lot and make the people or objects on the picture unrecognizeable. You can add colourful dots on your children’s faces. You can turn the pictures black-and white or sepia. You can turn them into drawings or comics. You can change their faces so they’d be unrecognizeable. The possibilities are endless!


6) Take advantage of your knowledge of photography- or the lack of it- when you take the pictures. For example, you can post pictures that are blurred or too dark or too light. You can put the focus on something else than your children. Sometimes, what is considered bad photography can create a great artistic effect and protect your children at the same time!


7) Be with them in the picture.

I don’t know about you but I feel a little bit safer when I am in the picture with my children. It makes it more difficult to steal the pictures (especially for a cause like the one I mentioned above), takes the attention away from your children, and makes a statement: “I am here with them, I am watching over them”. Also, it will give you an oportunity to stay in the picture with your child.


8) Don’t show them at all

There are many ways you can illustrate your posts without putting pictures of your children out there. For example, you can show their art supplies, the finished product, the clothes, the dish you made with the children! You don’t have to show the pictures at all! I know bloggers – including myself!- like to show pictures of their children becuase they’re so cute, but it isn’t really necessary!


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Olga Mecking