Shopping in Haarlem: 10 baby gifts to make mums happy

After talking to different mums about their must-have baby items, here you can find my definitive baby gifts list. This top 10 baby products will help mums to sleep, feed, dress or educate their babies better. Make mums and babies happy by shopping in Haarlem with this curate assortment.

“Your friend/sister/colleague is having a baby and you need to buy a present. Without having any clue about what they already have or need, you end up choosing something the baby will probably use just a couple of times”. Does this situation sound familiar to you? The key to success when you buy a baby present is thinking more of mums and less of babies: What product will make her life easier? Win mum’s heart with any of these 3Us -useful, unexpected and unique- presents. And if you are pregnant, don’t forget to include them in your baby wish list.


1- The magic blanket

When I received at my baby shower two of this swaddle blankets, I didn´t expect how much I would use them. Every time I put my baby to sleep I swaddle him with one of them, and he sleeps tight. I bet the reason why he is such a good sleeper is thanks to this magic blanket.

SwaddleMe is available in Never Grow Up

© Gala Lázaro Mur


2- Socks always on

Babies are always losing their socks, with the result that mums are always trying to keep them on. These elastic bands, available in different colours, are the best way to solve the problem of the missing sock. By using this clever invention, mums will never ask their babies again “where are your socks?”, and baby feet will be warm and safe.

You can buy Sock Ons in Prenatal.

3- Keep it warm

This is the best solution to keep bottles warm when you go out with your baby. Forget about asking at cafes or restaurants to heat them up, you just need to fill your bottle with hot water or breastfeeding milk and put it into this thermal bag. It will keep it warm up to 3 hours.

Difrax Thermal Bags are available in Etos.


© Gala Lázaro Mur

4- Stop baby colics

There’s nothing worse for mums and babies than colics. My sister in law recommended me Dr. Brown´s bottles to stop cramps, gas or any other feeding problems, and they worked like a charm. After using these bottles for some days, crying and tummy pain disappeared, and my husband and I could finally breathe again. I can say Dr. Brown´s bottles saved us!

Buy Dr. Brown´s bottles in Baby Plus

5- Perfect temperature

When you have a baby you always need to make sure his room has the right temperature (18º-22º). This room digital thermometer will be very useful for any mum because you also can use it to check water temperature when you bath your little one.

Get your Philips thermometer in Blokker


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6- No more smelly diapers

Disposing of dirty diapers is always a problem. If you throw them in the trash, you won’t be able to contain the smells and the whole house will stink. That is the reason why I think a diaper pail is always a good gift. The one I use is Tommee Tippee Sangenic and it works really well. You can order your refill bags online at

Buy your Tommee Tippee diaper pail in Prenatal.

7- Meals under control

It’s funny how babies start to eat solids and grab/move/throw things at the same time. If you’ve ever tried to feed a baby with pure or fruit, you would have realized how messy it can be. This placemat prevents babies from picking up the plate and spilling food over mummy, the floor or themselves. Easy cleaning, BPA free and microwave safe.
EZPZ Placemat is available in Baby Plus.


© Gala Lázaro Mur

8- Baby’s best friend

There are many baby toys in the market, but not all of them make the same impression. For some inexplicable reason, babies love some of them and can stare, touch and interact with their favorite toy for hours. That happened to my baby with this rattle by Lilliputiens. A friend of mine told me about how much her baby loved this brand, so I bought this little toy. What a good choice!

Find Lilliputiens toys in Krokodil

9- What a relief!

When babies start teething they put everything into their mouth searching for relief. After trying different brands and models, some mums recommended Suavinex teething rings, and I can say they are great! My baby really enjoys the one filled with distilled water that you can cool in the fridge.

At Never Grow Up you can find 3 different Suavinex teething rings: for babies from 0 months, babies over 4 months and babies over 6 months.

shopping in Haarlem

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10- Say yes to the mess!

There is a moment when the baby is more or less 6 months in which every mum looks around and thinks: Where did all these toys come from? Rattles, crib toys, stuffed animals, blocks… take over the house, and keeping the mess under control starts to be a problem. This toy storage bag makes tidying up very easy and can be also used as a play mat. Durability is one of the big benefits of this gift, mums and kids will use it year by year.

Buy your bag in Never Grow Up

I hope this baby gifts list helps you to find the perfect present for every mum in Haarlem. I am pretty sure they will love having any of these items when the baby comes.


Gala Lázaro Mur