Shot fired at Botermarkt in Haarlem (Photo: HFV/Michel van Bergen)

Shot fired at Botermarkt in Haarlem

Yesterday afternoon: a shot fired in the middle of the day in Haarlem center. My kids and I were by accident at the arrestation place around the arrestation moment. Scary moment.

[Update 17:45 h.] – Monday afternoon around 15:00 on the Botermarkt in Haarlem the police shot at a car that crashed into an agent.

[Update 17:30-17:45 h.]. – Myself walking with 3 kids aged 1,5, 3 and 4 on the Raamvest. Me telling my kids to walk on the sidewalk of the street. More police cars and policemen promptly on the street, a policewoman shouting at us that we had to leave, “NU!”. We turned quickly into the Wilsonplein direction home.

[Update 16.00 h.]: A police spokesman confirmed to that there was indeed shot. She is currently investigating the shooting.

[Update 16:15 h.]: The police reported that they wanted to keep the driver standing, but the man did not heed it. He then drove towards an agent. Later a shot hit the suspect’s car.

The man drove quickly in the direction of the Vijfhoek. On the Raamvest he encountered agents and was cuffed.

[Update 17:45 h.]: The rider was later arrested on the Raamvest. Two people were arrested. Both of them, a man aged 41 and a woman aged 34, are from Heemstede. No one was hurt.

[Update 20:00 h. ]: My husband read what happened on the internet aloud. Weird: once reached the news everything seemed far away from me. While in fact it was so close.

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