Every year, children sing songs at the door during Sint Maarten on 11 November. This could increase the chance of coronavirus spreading, though the chances are reduced when everyone is careful and follows the guidelines. The celebration can continue within the current rules. Below you will find tips from the municipality of Haarlem on how to celebrate Sint Maarten safely.

For the Sint Maarten walkers

  • Go in small groups
  • Go with maximum of two adults
  • Keep 1.5 metre distance from all other persons older than 12 years old.

For the distributors

  • Provide packaged treats
  • Place a lantern outside so that the children can see that they are welcome
  • Mark 1.5 metres from the door, for example with sidewalk chalk.

Coronavirus related complaints?

  • Do not join the festivities
  • Stay home and do not open the door.

Do you belong to a risk group?

  • Then consider not participating and possibly just hang a note on the door.

For more details about coronavirus guidelines surrounding this year’s Sint Maarten festival, visit the Dutch government’s website.

[Source: Gemeente Haarlem]


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