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Six Reasons I Wish I Was An English Native Speaker

I love English! It is so great to be able to communicate with a large number of people from all over the world and hear all the different accents! And while I know I speak it really well, and even blog in this language- and my mother speaks it as well as she speaks Polish, I sometimes wish I was an English native speaker, and here are the reasons why:

1)      I could write letters to my children on my blog

I love the idea of writing letter to my children and I sometimes do it on my Polish blog at the EgoDziecka website. For every birthday, I’d write a letter to the birthday child. How much easier it would be if I could just do it right here? I know many bloggers who write letters to their children, and it’s so adorable, especially when the children are older and can read them.

2)      Available resources

I can’t tell you how much I love to read. Since I got my Kindle, I’ve read lots of books, but all of them are in English. And, as an expat, having access to Polish books isn’t that easy. Especially as a mom of multilingual children, I am amazed that there are so many great apps, books, toys and other craft ideas but they’re all in English! Some of them can be adapted, others can’t. Even in the age of Internet, it is hard to find good games for children in languages such as Polish. Also, I can’t seem to remember any Polish children’s songs, and all of the ones I do remember are in English! There are so many great songs out there that both adults and children can enjoy- again, in English. My favourites are “Baby Mine”, “Beautiful Boy” and “Yellow Submarine”.

3)      I wouldn’t have to learn other languages

OK, I know how important it is to learn other languages. I actually enjoy doing it and have been referred to by my Dutch teachers as “collector of languages”. But wouldn’t it be nice if we could just communicate with each other?  If we didn’t have to go through the whole frustrating processes of learning a language and feeling like a fool for a while until we can actually communicate? I think it would be.

4)      I would speak and write even better English

I know that my written and spoken English skills are really good, but it is different from when you’re a native speaker. I am usually proud of my personal tone on my blog but I would be able to choose fancier words, be more informal, or my style would be more under my control.

5)      It is a highly recognized language

Whether in an English-speaking country, or anywhere else in this world, nobody will judge you for being a native English speaker. When looking for a job in the Netherlands, many of them require English as a native tongue- I would probably lose in favour of someone who is a “real” native speaker. Also, Polish has little value for the Dutch, but English enjoys a high status here- and pretty much anywhere else.

6)      It is beautiful

The last reason why I wish English was my mother tongue is the fact that English is beautiful. Simply beautiful. While not necessarily easy, as some may suggest. But it is a great language, has lots of influences from other languages, lots of diversity and accents (such as British, American, Irish or Scott, just to name a few), and it has lots of really cool words! So please stay tuned for a list of my favourite English words.

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