Car fire Haarlem

Sixth car fire in ten days time in Haarlem

In the night from Wednesday to Thursday is a car in Haarlem again went up in flames. Around one o’clock a car fire was discovered at the Muiderslotweg. A parked cab was in flames.

When the fire department arrived meters high flames rose above the taxi. Firefighters have been long trying to get the fire completely extinguished.

Brand Haarlem

The cause of the fire is still unclear but presumably it concerns arson. The forensic investigation will carry out further investigation.

Since February 29, 2016 already six cars went up in flames in Haarlem. Two vehicles in the Vooruitgangstraat, an exclusive Mercedes at the Jan Gijzenkade and two more vehicles in the Londenstraat and the Professor Donderslaan.


[Source: Haarlems Dagblad. Photos: Michel van Bergen]


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