Songs not to play on Father’s Day

Songs not to play on Father’s Day


It is Father’s Day today. There are a lot of great songs about fathers but try to avoid playing these around your dad today.


5.) John Denver- Please Daddy (Don’t get drunk this Christmas)

I wouldn’t play this on Christmas either.  Where a 7  year old son remembers his last Christmas ‘you came home quarter past 11/ fell down underneath our Christmas tree / I don’t want to see my mama cry’.


4.) John Lennon – Mother

Not exactly a tribute to his father: ‘ Father, you left me but I never left you/ I needed you but you didn’t need me’ ‘ Daddy come home’. Wouldn’t play this on Mother’s Day either.


3.) Lindsay Lohan – Confessions of a broken heart

Yes, Lindsay Lohan does actually sing. And she spills it all out in this song about her dad ‘ And I wear all your old clothes/ your polo sweater/ I dream of another you/ the one who would never, never leave me alone to pick up the pieces’.


2.) The Temptations – Papa was a rolling stone

Great Motown song to sing along with but leave it for another day.  In which the son is looking for some answers about his father who he never saw ‘I never got a chance to see him/ Never heard nothing but bad things about him’ and all mama can answer is ‘that he was a rollin’ stone and when he died all he left us was alone.’


1.) Harry Chapin – Cat’s in the cradle

A classic song in which the dad keeps on postponing spending time with his son who wants to be just like his dad when he grows up. ‘ When you comin’ home, Dad/ I don’t know when, but we’ll get together then/ You know we’ll have a good time then/ He’d say “ I’m gonna be like you dad/ you know I’m gonna be like you’ And he does, reversing the roles, the poor kid grows up just like him, snubbing his dad who is likely to be old and needy now. ‘He said “I’d love to, Dad, if I can find the time/ you see my new job’s a hassel and kids have the flu/ Butit’s sure nice talking to you, Dad/ It’s been sure nice talking to you’. Go on, fathers and children, spend time with your dad and your kids if you can, it’s Father’s Day today.


(Ps. You can read more about Father’s Day in this article)

Gerlinde de Haas
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