Sorry guys, beards are over

Sorry guys, beards are over

Beards are officially dead. What was once seen as the ultimate symbol of cool and the quintessential sign of manliness is now antiquated and unfashionable.

According to Mashable, ‘with the advent of the yuccie—that is, the Young Urban Creative—there’s been a slow demise of the hipster tribe, with millennials now flocking toward more sophisticated shores.

They’ve now been adopted into the new creative class,” and have opted for a cleaner, sleeker look. That means banishing their hoodies and flannels, becoming more streamlined in their life choices, and leaving behind that artifact of post-adolescence: rebellious facial hair.’

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  1. karmajohn
    karmajohn says:

    Beards are only dead for the shallow people who grew them to try to look manly and cool. The rest of the men with beards grow them because its a natural manly function. It may also be a sign of men’s liberation (similar to burning the bra) because some men tire of the pressure to be clean shaven every day. Its a man thing …not a hipster thing.

  2. Marco
    Marco says:

    My ultimate symbol of cool and quintessential sign of manliness is more a matter of not wanting to shave too often. Now I understand that leaves me antiquated and unfashionable. I opt for an entire new category, the olfies, Old Lazy Fathers, going gradually from smooth to beardy every couple of weeks.

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