Spring weather after Saturday

From Sunday, the temperature can rise to 14 degrees in the afternoon. Also next week it seems that we will have spring weather, with temperatures expected to be between the 10 and 15 degrees.
According to Weeronline.nl yesterday.

The weather office expects Sunday to be a day with lots of sun and little wind. KNMI weather forecasting also speaks of a decreasing chance of precipitation and high temperatures in the weekend.

The next few days there will still be a lot of wind. Especially Monday and Tuesday heavy showers accompanied by hail and thunderstorms will pass over the country with a maximum temperature of 8 degrees.

Also Saturday seems to become a rather cloudy day, with a temperature of 8 degrees. “After Saturday there is plenty of room for the sun,” said Weeronline.

In the nights it can still be cool and even freezing.

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