Volunteering in Haarlem

The Volunteer Center Haarlem brings people in contact with volunteer organizations who need volunteers for all kind of different purposes. Volunteers can search through more than 500 volunteering opportunities with the help of our online vacancy database. While many vacancies listed in our database require fluency in Dutch, some organizations welcome volunteers who speak English.

Beside the good feeling that doing voluntary work gives you, it is a good way to meet the Dutch and get acquainted with the Dutch culture. Finding volunteer work for people who do not speak Dutch but fluent English can sometimes be tricky. Fortunately, the Volunteer Center Haarlem (and vicinity) can help you.

The Volunteer Center Haarlem is a city-wide organization that assists individuals in finding volunteer work. We promote every kind of volunteer work in Haarlem and have a support and advice function for volunteer organizations.

vwcFor more information please visit our website or make an appointment with an English speaking advisor who can help you further.
Call us at: 023-5314862 or e-mail info@vwc-haarlem.nl

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