This Sunday 13 November, St Nicholas will once again be arriving on the river Spaarne to visit the city centre of Haarlem.

The boat is on its way. Nearly half filled with presents, chocoladeletters and pepernoten but who and what will Sinterklaas take all along to Haarlem? We can welcome him when he will arrive with his boat. If we are lucky there will still be the Zwarte Pieten with him and lots of fun.
Sinterklaas Haarlem


The Steamboat will arrive at 13:00 on the Spaarne in front of the Koudehoorn opposite the Valkstraat.

The procession will depart to the Donkere Spaarne, the Spaarne at the intersection with the Gedempte Oude Gracht and turn right to the Gedemptie Oude Gracht. At the height of the Zijlstraat they turn right and where the Nieuwe Groenmarkt appearson the left , the Saint, his horse Amerigo and the Pieten band will go to the Nieuwe Groenmarkt, the Krocht, the Smedestraat, to the Grote Markt. Here our mayor will be waiting to welcome Nicholas.


Sunday the 13th of November 2016at 13:00


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