The clipper Stad Amsterdam will be moored at The National Maritime Museum in Amsterdam until the end of March 2021.

The clipper Stad Amsterdam will arrive at The National Maritime Museum in Amsterdam at the beginning of September. After the successfully completed large-scale maintenance at Damen Shipyards in Den Helder, the crew is looking forward to receiving guests onboard the beautifully renovated ship again!

The clipper will be moored at The Maritime Museum in Amsterdam until the end of March and open for visitors to the museum every Wednesday and every other week on Sundays starting Sunday 13 September. A varied programme is being developed for visitors.


Open to the public

In the seven months that the clipper Stad Amsterdam will be moored at The Maritime Museum in Amsterdam, maritime exhibitions and workshops are organised, and there are guided tours during school holidays and on special occasions.

The clipper will also be available for businesses. For example, in collaboration with The Maritime Museum, the following options are available: arrange a meeting onboard, a maritime lunch, a reception or a small-scale event. All events on board will follow strict COVID-19 measures.


Evert van Dishoeck, director of clipper Stad Amsterdam:

“After the extensive refit, we are very fortunate to have such a beautiful mooring location in Amsterdam, our home port. The crew worked hard while the ship was at the shipyard and took care of all of the rigging work themselves. Now the time has come to enjoy the result together with fans and visitors at The Maritime Museum.”

“Within the current measures and with some adjustments made, it is possible to receive guests again on board. Together with The Maritime Museum, we have put together a wonderful programme for as many people as possible to visit us and to get to know us .”


Michael Huijser, director, The National Maritime Museum:

“The clipper Stad Amsterdam is a ship that fits our mission ‘Water connects Worlds’ seamlessly. The heritage of Amsterdam translated in a contemporary way. Sustainable and educational. We are therefore delighted with the arrival of the clipper Stad Amsterdam to our museum.”


Contact details The National Maritime Museum in Amsterdam

Kattenburgerplein 1
1018 KK Amsterdam
+31 (0)20 52 32 222

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