Storm Ciara to hit Netherlands on Sunday

The first storm of the year will hit the Netherlands on Sunday, according to Weeronline. Winter storm Ciara will bring strong winds with gusts up to 140 kilometers per hour, rain and lightning with it, the weather service expects.

Sunday will be grey and wet. In the morning it will rain. Steadily it will turn into stormy weather during the afternoon. Ciara is expected to hit Netherlands on Sunday evening, with strong winds up to 140 kilometers per hour, heavy rain, and thunder and lighting, according to Weeronline.

Ciara is the first storm to hit the Netherlands this year. And also the first to hit since the meteorological institute KNMI decided to join the system of naming storms.

The storm will slow down during the course of the night.

Next week will be windy, with a mixture of sunshine and rain, sometimes turning stormy, according to the weather service.

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