Striptease as company outing of day care in Aalsmeer

Striptease as company outing of day care in Aalsmeer

Day care teachers enjoying together a striptease of a tattooed male specie. Funny? Maybe, but as a mum of 3 todds my first thought was: not mine!

Day care KieKeBoe in Aalsmeer held a particular company outing: a striptease. At the end of it they made a cosy group picture with the stripteaser. The picture was published on Twitter.

The direction of the day care has affirmed on its website that the crèche teachers “regret that the good name and reputation of Kinderdagverblijf KieKeBoe is affected”. “It was a private event and not an organised company outing…. It’s not up to the direction to decide what employees do in their free time. However, the staff has an example role”.

I’m mum of 3, not the most closed neither the most tolerant one, I think. And I agree with the direction. But to be honest: when I saw the picture, I was happy they were not the teachers of my todds!

(Source: Twitter and Day care KieKeBoe)

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