student life blog: global challenges

STUDENT LIFE: 5 global challenges students in the Netherlands can help solve.

Today’s world faces a number of complex challenges. Wondering what these challenges are? See below the five global challenges that you, as a student or just as a caring human being, can make a difference in.

student life blog: global challengesHow do we deal with poverty? Inequality? The violation of human rights? Good education for all? Climate change? War? World leaders, international organizations and businesses are constantly thinking about these problems and trying to find solutions through creative collaboration, critical thinking and communication.

What would happen if students started focusing on the world’s challenges? After all, students not only have good ideas, but in their attempt to find their own voice and place in the world, they often bring new, unique or even better insights to the table. Insights that the established order does not see or avoids to see and are at the basis of solving the complex challenges of the world.

The new generation of problem solvers are an important link in solving the world’s critical challenges. So, how can you, as a student, make the world a better place?

1. Access to education around the world

The world’s education system is in crisis. According to UNESCO, there are 750 million adults worldwide who cannot read or write. In addition, there are millions of children who do not attend school and many more who do not learn the basics to succeed in life. Students can help by creating more awareness of this problem and coming up with (digital) educational solutions.

2. Climate Change

Scientists agree that climate change is happening and is the result of human activity. The effects of climate change include extreme weather events, such as floods and hurricanes, and destructive wildfires. Students can help address climate change by educating themselves and others about the problem and thinking about and making more sustainable choices.

3. Deforestation

student life blog: global challengesIn recent years, deforestation has become a major problem worldwide. Trees are being cut down at an alarming rate, which has a major impact on climate change and the well-being of our natural environment. If we want to protect our planet, we must find ways to stop deforestation. Students can provide solutions to this with their refreshing insights, in addition, they can also play an important role in raising awareness among others.

4. Hunger, clean drinking water and poverty

Hunger, clean drinking water and poverty are major problems in the world. Many people have little access to food and clean drinking water, and many more live in poverty. There are ways students can help with hunger and poverty. One way is to work with charities that are working to end hunger and poverty. Helping them raise money and resources and awareness of the problem will increase the number of people they can help.

student life blog: global challenges

5. Human Rights Violations

In recent years, human rights have been a topic of concern for people around the world. From the treatment of refugees to the #MeToo movement, people are increasingly speaking out about violations of their rights. Unfortunately, there are many instances where individuals or groups are unable to stand up for their rights on their own due to oppression or the burden of the situation. This is where students can play a role by helping these individuals and groups tell their story and increase the reach of their message.

Studying at Haarlem Campus: Make a difference.

De KoepelThe unique curriculum of Applied Sustainability Management Master’s program and Creative Media, Digital Transformation Management and Business Psychology Bachelor’s programs, are designed to give students the skills they need to make a real impact. You will learn from experienced professionals who are passionate about building a better world. And you’ll have the opportunity to work on projects that matter. For example, all first-year students engage in the “Global Challenges” module. In it, we discuss the challenges the world is currently facing and teach students how they can help develop the world of tomorrow from their area of expertise.

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