Successful first Haarlem Photo Club exhibition & lecture "Abandoned & Captured"

Successful first Haarlem Photo Club exhibition & lecture “Abandoned & Captured”

On Sunday, October 26th our first photo exhibition & lecture by the photographer was there. Olaf Kramer welcomed us in Bar Wolkers to tell all about his urbex photography collection, for this occasion bundled and adequately titled Abandoned & Captured.

Old abandoned barracks on the outskirts of Liege, a vintage graveyard somewhere in the Belgian Ardennes, a retired hospital near Berlin. Abandoned, worn and forgotten. Virtually untraceable. Each subject has its own story. Olaf is fascinated by the atmosphere in urbex locations.He tries to capture it in his photos.

Idea, Smartphone, After-processing and Tips

Olaf told about his work and about how the collection started. How the idea originated, how the trip began, what he experienced on the spots and how he replaced his broken beloved camera by a smartphone with which he made one of the most intense photos. About the locations, about how the after-processing of the photos. While showcasing some great photos, Olaf provided lots of practical tips.

The lecture started off in Dutch, translated into English for our international photography lovers. Participants got so enthusiast and eager to ask questions that the lecture turned in an animated conversation between him and the participants.

After the lecture we had some drink to exchange opinions about the exhibition and just photography in general. We also talked about going from theory to practice and…. Well… you know how it goes with urbex photography: it is secret. You had to be there!

Photo Exhibition & Lecture “Abandoned & Captured”

Haarlem Photo Club Lecture “Abandoned & Captured” by Olaf Kramer in Café Wolkers

 You can find all the photos made during the meeting in the Haarlem Photo Club Facebook group and MeetUp group.

The exposition Verlaten & vastgelegd will be freely accessible in Bar Wolkers till December 1st.