Superhero Kids run Haarlem

Unleash your superpowers this September!

If you are between 5 and 15 and have a particular interest in superheroes then this event is definitely for you! This is the very first Superhero Kids Run to take place in Haarlem but we do not think it will be the last! In fact, there may be a growing interest in Superhero fun runs according to my marvel loving partner! (Watch this space!) 

If you want to participate in the Superhero Kids run, you can choose from two distances; 1 km and 2.5 km. While running, in your own superhero outfit, to the superhero world you will come across real superheroes and exciting obstacles.

But what is a superhero without superpowers? In the superhero world, you go on a journey with us or your parents to collect superpowers. Youth organizations such as Triple Threat, Blast zone and Rebup have created special places (in the park) where you can earn these superpowers. Once all superpowers have been collected, a nice surprise awaits you!

To find out more about becoming a superhero check out the website!

When: Sunday, September 15

Time: 12.15 – 17.00

Where: Reinaldapark

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