New York Deli
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New York Deli: Food and Live comedy

On Haarlem Foodies we gave in February  a preview of this new spot with the taste of the Big Apple. With a unique concept inspired by inspired by Delis in The Lower Eastside. Fast-casual American Jewish comfort food with outstanding quality. The…
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The fall has its advantages. Sunday October 15th is the Haarlemse Bokbierdag! During De Haarlemse Bokbierdag, 16 different bars in Haarlem will let you taste the best Bokbier. The 16 different bars in Haarlem have each other bokbieren on…
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The Foodie goes to SAN SEBASTIAN

First, San Sebastian is the culinary capital of Spain (and Europe's cultural capital in 2016). This northern Spanish seaside resort has much to offer, especially concerning food. Indeed, it is the city with the most starred restaurants per square…
Jopenkerk in Haarlem, the temple of Haarlem's beer (Photo: Fashion Lady Lovely)
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Jopenkerk in Haarlem, the temple of Haarlem's beer

It is well known that the Dutch love beer,.... so much that they created a temple in glory of this delicious and surprising beverage! The Jopenkerk opened in November 2010 in the old Jacobs church. When you enter this church you enter a world…