About to become Expat Parents?

Pregnancy and the bleary days of being new parents can be a tumultuous time. When you’re not on home ground it can be especially unsettling. But there are upsides to having a baby in a different country. You get to share the experience…
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I gave birth in the Netherlands - and it didn't suck

As a foreigner living in the Netherlands, probably you've heard all the "horror" stories about giving birth in this country in where women HAVE to give birth without drugs, or that there are barely any prenatal check-ups (what do you mean only…
NLs in top five countries for mothers (Photo; Arianna Ardia)
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NLs in top five countries for mothers

The chance of a woman in the Netherlands dying during pregnancy or childbirth has decreased by over half since the start of the century. This makes the Netherlands the fifth-safest country in the world to have a baby. While at the end…