Breathe yourself free!

Release. Let go. Easier said than done. We all have things we would like to get rid of, feelings, emotions, beliefs keeping us stuck. But how? How do we get them out of our system so we can simply feel good? Sophie van Aanholt, a certified…

The Connecting Power of Anger

(Note: we're continuing with the theme of anger, this time how it has the power to connect--with yourself and with others--with new communication skills.) If you’re anything like the old me, you’re probably confused at the notion that…
Inside out
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How Emotions Serve (in any setting)

It's not often I enjoy a “kid film” as much as I did this past summer's Pixar hit, Inside Out. I laughed, I cried, I felt connected with myself (as things resonated with me) and also with my eight-year old daughter whose hand I squeezed…
Exploring and Experiencing Emotions in Frans Hals Museum (Photo: Frans Hals Museum)
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Exploring and Experiencing Emotions in Frans Hals Museum Exhibition

Concerning the exhibit “Emotions – Painted Feelings in the Golden Age,” now showing at the Frans Hals Museum, some of the newspaper headlines I read were: “Emotions, by the Old Masters,” “Pain and Pleasure in the Golden Age,” and…