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Firecrackers and sky rockets to be banned this year

The Dutch government has reached a deal to outlaw firecrackers and sky rockets. The prohibition will start before the upcoming New Year's period. Many ornamental fireworks may still be allowed to be sold, like fountains and spinning ground…
New Year
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Why New Year’s Eve is My Least Favourite Day of the Dutch Year

Those bangs you heard already in November? The ones that made you think for a split second that a gun battle had broken out in your Dutch neighbourhood? Those bangs are the reason I’ve always looked forward to a Dutch New Year’s Eve as…
10 tips om vuurwerk te fotograferen

10 tips om vuurwerk te fotograferen

Hieronder 10 tips van de Fotoacademie Amsterdam om vuurwerk te fotograferen. Kies je ervoor om vuurwerk dat in je directe omgeving wordt afgestoken te fotograferen dan hier nog een extra (en misschien wel de belangrijkste) tip: pas goed op jezelf!…