Breathe yourself free!

Release. Let go. Easier said than done. We all have things we would like to get rid of, feelings, emotions, beliefs keeping us stuck. But how? How do we get them out of our system so we can simply feel good? Sophie van Aanholt, a certified…
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Houtfestival: open-air music and dance festival

One of Haarlem’s biggest outdoor fests offers an exotic blend of music. It takes place at the Stadspark de Haarlemmerhout in Haarlem. Houtfestival is a relaxed event where people of all ages and backgrounds come. You can listen to the…
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ExpatsHaarlem & Beacon Global Advisers join hands

Servicing Internationals in the Haarlem/ Amsterdam area, providing expats a solid social and professional network during their stay in the Netherlands. [Contributed by Beacon Global Advisers] Amsterdam / Haarlem A division of Beacon Global…
Free show at the City Theatre (Photo: website Yvonne van den Eerenbeemt )

Free show at the City Theatre (May 6th)

Vuile Was with Yvonne van den Eerenbeemt. Yvonne is a symbol. A symbol of young, creative, ambitious people who apparently live a shiny and happy life, but encounter a huge thick wall. Bam!  Generation Y. The Y of Yvonne. The generation…