You don't believe it: the rent in Haarlem drops
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You won't believe it: the rent in Haarlem drops

It is hard to believe, but it is true: the rent per square metre in the free sector fell in Haarlem in the second quarter of this year, according to figures from NVM Makelaars. Earlier this year, all the way back in February, the average…
Housing event
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Housing Event 2017 & Social Networking Drink

Planning to rent, let, buy, build sell, renovate a house? Wanting to know how to get the best of your life abroad, know more about the International School Haarlem, or are you just interested in a social networking drink? This is the event…
Property types

Property types in the Netherlands

Housing in the Netherlands The Netherlands is one of the most densely populated countries in Europe, with almost 400 people per square kilometre. With little available space, houses at the lower and middle end of the market tend to be fairly…
Home utilities (Photo: Edwin van Eis)

A guide to setting up home utilities in the Netherlands

When you are moving to a new home in the Netherlands there are many things to arrange. For example, you will need utilities in your home - think of water, electricity, gas, internet and TV. In a new country, where you are unfamiliar with the…
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The best 5 tips for effective speed cleaning

As an expat mother, I do not always have the time and /or the energy to keep the house clean. While we are running after the children, trying to keep the deadlines and work and still squeezing friends visit in our weeks, it is one of the nightmares…
energy lable
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Energy label mandatory for all properties in the Netherlands – And this time they really mean it!!

Actually, in 2008 it was already mandatory but, as it was rather complicated and no one was checking if you had it or not, everyone sort of agreed to ignore it!  However: From 1 January 2015 all properties in the Netherlands need an…
energy label

The energy label is mandatory! (from 01 januari 2015)

What is an energy label? An energy label shows how energy efficient your home is. For example, there is information about your floor insulation, Windows and heating. Homes with an A label are the energy- efficient. Homes that get the least…
Second quarter 2014: house prices in your area (Photo: ANP)

Second quarter 2014: house prices in your area

The average house price rose in the months of April, May and June by 3.5 percent, according to the Dutch Association of Real Estate Agents NVM (Nederlandse Vereniging van Makelaars). But what is happening concerning house prices in your…
House prices rise in the Haarlem area (Photo: NVM)
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House prices rise in the Haarlem area

For the first time in three years, house prices have increased on year basis. Houses were in the first quarter of this year 1.2% more expensive compared to the same period last year. This is what the Dutch Association of Estate Agents NVM announced…
Housing costs in Haarlem lowest, Zandvoort biggest riser. (Photo: RTL Nieuws)

Housing costs in Haarlem lowest, Zandvoort biggest riser

The Association Owned House, put the housing costs for 2014 in all Dutch municipalities in a row. A comparison between the municipalities in South Kennemerland shows that Haarlem has the cheapest housing costs. Zandvoort shows a huge increase,…
This could happen to you too: a bunker in your garden! (Picture: Facebook Haagse Bunker Ploeg)

This could happen to you too: a bunker in your garden!

Imagine yourself gardening: Oops! A bunker!  This happened in IJmuiden to the family Van Koot. They were arranging a car trailer when wheels hit a concrete edge. Of a bunker! From WW II. After 11 years that the family was living there. The…