Hunger for stories: Barbara, from Veneto to Haarlem

Hunger for stories: Barbara, from Veneto to Haarlem

Stories are among my  main driving forces, since I can recall. Even now that I’m a grumpy almost-old man, I cannot cure my craving for stories. Here's the story of Barbara. I blame and thank my grandma for that, the one with the name…
Italian mistakes
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6 embarrassing mistakes to avoid in Italian

Learning Italian or planning to exercise your Italian during your holidays? Italian can be a minefield for well-intentioned non native speakers. Don't make yourself a laughing-stock and check out our list of six of the most embarrassing mistakes…

Top 12 English words reinvented by Italians

Being Italian, I have always been using these English words. Only after coming to the Netherlands I discovered that they are reinvented by Italians. Here's a top 12. 1. FOOTING Footing. We know that the whole country is football mad.…

About beauty and why I couldn’t see it in the Netherlands

When you own just 2 cents, you should buy a loaf of bread with one and a lily with the other one”. In this ancient Chinese saying, in my opinion, we can find one of the engines that move the Universe: as human beings, we need beauty…