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Becoming Bilingual: A Piece of cake?

This article isn’t about children that were exposed to more than one language since birth, but about kids that were exposed to a different language after the acquisition of their mother tongue. That was my case at five. I know people usually…
Italian mistakes
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6 embarrassing mistakes to avoid in Italian

Learning Italian or planning to exercise your Italian during your holidays? Italian can be a minefield for well-intentioned non native speakers. Don't make yourself a laughing-stock and check out our list of six of the most embarrassing mistakes…
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Multilingualism Is Not An Excuse!

So often, I found myself saying or thinking: “She doesn’t do this or that, she’s multilingual”. When asked whether K. already says something, I sometimes have to reply: “No”. And I am very tempted to add: “She’s multilingual,…


Since I moved to the Netherlands I developed a theory: the autochtones have a lack of self-esteem and they react to this showing how secure and proud of their country they are and how great and beautiful it is. If this unconscious self-esteem…
English native speaker

Six Reasons I Wish I Was An English Native Speaker

I love English! It is so great to be able to communicate with a large number of people from all over the world and hear all the different accents! And while I know I speak it really well, and even blog in this language- and my mother speaks…
Dutch lessons for kids on funny DVDs - watch this video: animals

Dutch lessons for kids on funny DVDs

Effective and funny Dutch teaching program for kids - and adults too? ;-) -  Watch this video lesson: animals. Dutch lessons on DVDs for kids Dino Lingo Dutch for Kids learning program teaches the most common 200 Dutch words and phrases…
How about learning Dutch? Things I hated and loved

How about learning Dutch? Things I hated and loved

I’ve always thought that one of the best things of moving to a foreign country would be to have the chance to learn a new language. Then I moved to the Netherlands. Guess what? Here they speak Dutch. Dutch language To me, the Dutch…
Drongo Festival (Photo BIMU)
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Drongo Festival

Drongo Festival: "Languages for your Future", Professional information on multilingualism and playful experimentation with language-jamming, 27 September 2014, Public Library in Amsterdam.  Linguistic matters, as "displaced people"…