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Love-expat: How far would you go for love?

A significant majority of the expat population is the ‘love-expats’ – those who became expats because they chose to follow their partners. It is common to use terms like ‘expat partner’, ‘trailing spouse’, or ‘accompanying partner’…
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The loneliness behind a “professional” mask

Wanting to come across as having it together, on top of it all, near perfect—my definition of “professional”—has been a lifelong strategy of mine. Some might say it’s an American cultural thing. I can’t be certain of that, but I…
Interview month

Challenges of Expats – Interview of the month December

This month I introduce you to Nathalia, who shares her experiences with us. From Brazil to The Netherlands… all for LOVE…. In my goal to support expats, I interview regularly, revealing great stories and advise. Whether you are an expat…
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Dutch men are not ROMANTIC!

The word “Dutch” has some negative connotations.  In the 17th Century the English marked the word “Dutch” as anything they did not like or considered unwholesome.  To name a few that survived to this day;  “Dutch courage” (over…
Hunger for stories: Barbara, from Veneto to Haarlem

Hunger for stories: Barbara, from Veneto to Haarlem

Stories are among my  main driving forces, since I can recall. Even now that I’m a grumpy almost-old man, I cannot cure my craving for stories. Here's the story of Barbara. I blame and thank my grandma for that, the one with the name…
Dutch Wedding

Planning a Dutch Wedding: One Big Adventure

By a miracle some foreign brides find themselves a romantic Dutch man (yes, romance + Dutch are in the same sentence!). Knowing having a wedding in the Netherlands could have some shortfalls like dry cake with marzipan or fondant, high chance…
Valentine postcards (Photo: Daniëlle Martens)

Happy Valentine Free postcards and lipstick kisses!

The Dutch postcard company PostNL makes this year valentine very special: postcards that are posted with a lipstick kiss before 13 February 17:00 are free of charge. How does it work? Place a real kiss with lipstick on the corner of…
Long-distance relationships ( Photo by Flickr user liquene)

Long-distance relationships

Working as psychologist in Amsterdam I often meet people who have relationship issues: long-distance relationships, mixed couples and mutual adaptation, migrant couples struggling to reinvent themselves. The therapeutic environment is a good…
Half of the Dutch cheat

Half of the Dutch cheat

Almost half of all Dutch sometimes cheats.  According to a research study by Psychology Magazine. After the act, they feel very guilty. 2,300 people participated to the research survey (500 men, 1800 women). Results of the survey 43%…
How about learning Dutch? Things I hated and loved

How about learning Dutch? Things I hated and loved

I’ve always thought that one of the best things of moving to a foreign country would be to have the chance to learn a new language. Then I moved to the Netherlands. Guess what? Here they speak Dutch. Dutch language To me, the Dutch…
Dutch Wingman condom makes “furore” in Germany (Picture WN)

Dutch Wingman condom makes “furore” in Germany

The Wingman condom is presented these days at the Hannover Messe, the most important industrial fair in the world. Here the Wingman condom, also known as the one hand condom, got a lot of attention.  The Bild, the biggest German newspaper…