Horsemeat yay or nay (Photo: Tracy Brown Hamilton)
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Horsemeat: Yay or Neigh?

While the horsemeat scandal highlighted the aversion many have to eating horse, Lisa Wisker – the daughter of a horse butcher – says it only boosted business. “The same day the story broke in the newspapers, there were lines down to the…
Pig in a blanket recipe by Appetit Voyage

Piglets in a thick puffy blanket

I adapted the traditional pig in a blanket snack recipe into this so easy and quick one, that it will become one of your must haves in any of your parties! Some years ago, it was difficult to find some ready to cook puffy pastry dough,…
Weekend lunch: Quick and Easy Spring quiche

Weekend lunch: Quick and Easy Spring quiche

This recipe is a free adaptation of the French quiche but made with spring onion, bell pepper and bacon, perfect for a light lunch or for the weekend! It takes no more than 30 minutes to be ready to serve and it is really quick and…