Long-distance relationship

Long-distance relationship: Is it for you?

Long-distance relationships are not a walk in the park, but when it comes to love, it’s not always black or white. When talking about love relationships it's easier to take one of two postures, a romanticized vision of how the books and movies…
Are you feeling safe in your relationships?

Are you feeling safe in your relationships?

To connect with others, it’s often important that we feel safe with them. Safe to be ourselves, to be vulnerable, in order to feel comfortable. Yet we’re all different, with different past experiences, and that can mean we feel safety in…
Date Night

Not your everyday date night ideas.

There’s nothing wrong with the classic dinner date or going to the movies. But it gets old after a while. And they can make for awkward first dates if you’re strangers or if communication was wearing off between long-term partners. To spice…
erectile dysfunction

When it doesn’t get up.

A funny title for an article about a not so funny experience for many men who have difficulties with keeping their erection during sex. I am a man myself and a Sex counselor in Amsterdam and I know how much this topic is sensitive and can cause…
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Tips for Staying Connected with your Partner during the Holidays

If I were really honest, the TOP thing on my holiday wish would be to spend the coming month with minimum stress and maximum enjoyment and connection with the people who are MOST important to me. Yet each end-of-the-year presents great challenges,…