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How to spend summer in Holland and survive?

When I just moved to Holland, my expats' friends told me I would need a summer coat! I was laughing. It's hard to believe but today I have five summer coats and five pairs of leather waterproof sneakers as I can only wear sandals during super…
Belsazar Vermouth
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New Summer Drink: Belsazar Vermouth

Vitamin D gives us the boost we so desperately seek and it tempts us go outside and socialize with everyone, everywhere. Dutchies know how to party, especially with the combination of sun and drinks. There is good news for you! There is exactly…
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Summer isn't over yet!

Don’t put away your Summer clothes yet: summer continues into September. After a little rain mixed in with the sunny spells today, Summer will be back next week.  From Tuesday it will be dry and sunny weather again. Tuesday the…
blue wine
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Blue wine, a hit on terraces this summer?

It looks more like a sports drink or windshield wiper fluid than wine, but blue wine seems to be popular on restaurant terraces in 2016. Horeca Connoisseurs declared blue wine as the terrace hit of the summer. Vincent Janssen, importer of…
Dutch holiday maker has more often sex
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Dutch holiday maker has more often sex

Nearly three-quarters of the Dutch have more sex on holiday than at home. This results from a research of Radio 10 for the radio show Tim in the morning. In particular caravan owners profit of the holiday atmosphere: 90 percent of them say…
Taking perfect photos in sunshine [The person on the photo has given their written permission for ExpatsHaarlem to use the photo in the article.]

Taking perfect photos in sunshine

It is no secret that taking photos during sunshine can be difficult. In full manual mode, it’s not difficult to get an OK result. But for those that are a little picky, wanting correct colors and exposure, it can on a sunny day be challenging…
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10 Tips to Save Money when Travelling

Do you want budget travel tips for free? Would you like to travel more often without breaking the bank? If you are at all interested, read on to find out how you can do simple things to save money next time you go on vacation. 1. Go Off-Season It’s…
Do you make these 9 sunscreen mistakes?

Do you make these 9 sunscreen mistakes?

It’s time to make healthy skin a priority.. and to avoid sun protection mistakes: sunburn, basking in the sun to get tanned, relying only on sunscreen to protect you from the dangerous sun rays. By now, you probably know too that you…
Italian mistakes
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6 embarrassing mistakes to avoid in Italian

Learning Italian or planning to exercise your Italian during your holidays? Italian can be a minefield for well-intentioned non native speakers. Don't make yourself a laughing-stock and check out our list of six of the most embarrassing mistakes…
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My top 10 terraces in Haarlem for the summer

In the Netherlands, people are so anxious to sunbath that when the sun is showing up you can find everywhere in the streets improvised terraces in front of the doors. This is the Dutch way! In the Netherlands, let's be really clear, sun…
Haarlem Photo Club Summer Photo Walk 2014
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Haarlem Photo Club Summer Photo Walk 2014: feedback and photos

Haarlem! Summer! Open Air! Photography! We had the best ingredients for a wonderful PHOTO WALK. A bit of wind didn't spoil our day: 42 photographers having a great day! What about the shoots? Our jury, composed of our Photo Club Team members…
Belgians drink the most on holiday (Photo:
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Belgians drink the most on holiday

With an average of 3.7 drinks per day, Belgians are the biggest drinkers among European holidaymakers.  This results from a study conducted by the travel website Zoover, surveying 4.000 Europeans from 10 different countries. Dutch…
Spain is hot and trending (Photo: Arianna Ardia)

Spain is hot and trending

"Spain" was in the last weeks of July Trending Topic on Twitter. That is not surprising, because the country welcomed the first half of this year a record number of 28 million tourists. The Spanish Ministry of Industry, Energy and Tourism…
Haarlem has most expensive café terraces, Nijmegen is cheapest (Photo: Arianna Ardia)
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Haarlem has most expensive café terraces, Nijmegen is cheapest

Haarlem tops the list of expensive terraces. This results from its annual survey of the best places to drink a beer or glass of wine in the summer sunshine, the Telegraaf says. The cheapest café terraces in the Netherlands are in Nijmegen. The…
Beer Sommelier: "Beer tastes better tepid than cold" (Photo: Arianna Ardia)
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Beer Sommelier: "Beer tastes better tepid than cold"

Social media are filled by complaints about tepid beer. The beers would be served at much higher temperatures than the ideal five degrees. But according to beer sommelier Gijs Troost it's not so bad as the drink is slightly warmer. The…
Topless sunbathing is out (Photo: Getty Images)

Topless sunbathing is out

European women choose less and less for topless sunbathing  This is what the French Elle writes, according to The Independent. The magazine’s summer issue suggests that topless sunbathing is over, even on the French Riviera, known…
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Yes. Summer has finally arrived..!!

In case you haven't noticed.. Today it's June 21st. In other words; "The Longest Day Of The Year!" So, a good reason to celebrate the summer.. If you feel like embracing the summer Then go for it! Get out of your comfort zone, challenge…